Orlando Pest Control Services

Fast results and long-term protection for your Orlando home.

Orlando’s temperate climate makes it a great place to live and, unfortunately, a perfect environment for Florida’s pests. If you need to get rid of insects and other unwanted pests, Turner Pest Control is ready to help. We will create a program that’s tailored to your needs, and that gives you immediate results. We offer a range of affordable pest management services, plus our comprehensive, all-in-one TurnerGuard protection program.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

No matter which pest control plan you have with us — termite, mosquito, lawn and outdoor, bed bug, rodent — your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re ever unsatisfied, our technicians will return at no charge until you are. We don’t ask you to sign long, complicated contracts, and we never charge you a cancellation fee. If you are not satisfied with our first pest control treatment, you can receive a full refund and cancel your services.

Pest control that meets all of your needs.

  • Complete interior coverage. We treat the outside of your home, where the pests are liable to enter. No crack is left untreated. No crevice is left untouched. In fact, we go over your home’s exterior with a fine-tooth comb to examine and treat every penetration point. That even includes under your appliances.
  • Complete exterior protection. You spend your time indoors, but it’s important to treat outdoor areas, too. A nearby anthill is a threat. So are wasp nests, spider webs, and other types of unwanted colonies that lurk. Thresholds and eaves are treated, too.
  • Free follow-ups. Need us to check on things or re-up your treatment? We offer no-cost service calls to follow up on the main treatment service.
  • Quotes are free. Every home is different and every family is different. Every budget is, too, which is why our quotes are customized.
  • Payment made easy. Pest control doesn’t have to control your budget! There are payment plans and options for every Orlando homeowner.

Orlando pest control FAQ.

Do you have questions about pest control or our Orlando services? We’re happy to have you contact us for answers or ask one of our technicians on our next visit. In the meantime, here are some of the questions we’re asked most frequently:

How safe is pest control for my family, my pets and the environment?

The pest control solutions we use are so safe that they don’t require any warning labels or first-aid information. All of our pest control treatment options are environmentally friendly, and we even offer organic pest control.

How often do you come out if I sign up for recurring service?

Our recurring pest control service is delivered quarterly. At your first quarterly appointment, we treat both the interior and exterior of your home. After that, your quarterly treatment will be exterior only. The reason for this is that the exterior treatment maintains a barrier around your home that helps keep pests from getting in. If you do have an issue with pests indoors, we’ll be glad to provide interior service during your regular service call.

What if I have a pest problem during a month you’re not scheduled to come out?

We’re happy to come back between your regular quarterly service appointments at no charge.

If I haven’t seen any bugs in my house, do I still need a regular service call?

One of the keys to effective pest control is prevention. Keeping pest activity under control with regular service is always better for you and your family than waiting until you see pests in your home. By the time you see a few roaches, for instance, you can be sure there are more you can’t see. With so many types of pests that thrive in Orlando’s temperate climate, there will always be some that are trying to get food, water and shelter in your home.

How do you determine what to charge for pest control service?

We base our price quotes on the size of your home for our pest control service and on the size of your yard for our lawn and outdoor service. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our prices for pest control and visit our Orlando outdoor and lawn page for prices on that service.

How will I be billed for service?

Turner Pest Control gives you two convenient choices for payment: You can be billed via invoice each quarter or pay via a credit card on file with autopay per month or per quarter. You’ll enjoy a discount when paying by autopay.

Do you offer any other ways to save?

Yes! Sign up for more than one of our services and you’ll be given a discount on each service. We also offer credits for each friend you refer who signs up for a recurring service. We’ll even give your friends a special one-time discount on the service they buy.

Do you offer a combination termite and pest control plan?

Our TurnerGuard Termite and Pest Control plan is an all-in-one program that gives you total protection with no excluded pests and a lifetime guarantee. You pay an initial low price, then low monthly fees that are based on the square footage of your home. TurnerGuard offers more coverage than any other similar plan in the industry, protecting your home from termites, bed bugs, roaches, rodents, and more.

Can Turner Pest Control get rid of bed bugs?

Yes, and we even offer same-day service so that we can start your treatment plan as soon as possible. Orlando’s tourism industry gives bed bugs a lot of opportunities to make their way into homes and businesses, but we have a comprehensive program that includes full initial inspections, effective treatments, and follow-up inspections to make sure you are bed bug-free.

Do you offer a way for me to manage my account online?

We have a great customer portal that’s designed to give you fast, easy access to everything you need to do business with us. If you already have an email address on file with us, just click the login link at the top of this page, then click “request access” to get started. (Please call us if you haven’t yet provided us with an email address.) You can use your online account to see recent service and inspection reports; check on your upcoming services or reschedule services; or make a payment, view your payment history, and see all of your billing details.

Why should I hire a pest control professional instead of doing it myself?

There are a number of reasons why professional pest control is the best choice:

  • Trained pest control technicians know how to locate the sources of pests. Simply spraying bugs you can see doesn’t do anything to eliminate their nests or gathering spots that you cannot see.
  • Pros know how to identify the types of pests you have so that they can apply the most effective treatment for your specific problem.
  • Licensed pest control technicians have the most effective products and know how to safely apply them.
  • Many of the pests we have in Orlando can pose a health threat by transmitting diseases. These include mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, ticks, and more. Professional pest control is the best way to keep them under control in your home and yard over the long term.
Do you offer commercial pest control service?

We do, and we’re an industry leader in integrated pest management for our commercial clients. We have a dedicated commercial division that provides service for every need, from state-of-the-art termite control and bed bug control, to control programs for flies, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, stinging insects, and much more. Our technicians are highly trained, including additional extensive training to earn Commercial Certification from our Quality Assurance Department. You can learn more about our commercial pest control services and our customized plans.

Why should I choose Turner Pest Control Orlando?

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to pest control companies. That’s why we work very hard to provide the best customer service in the business, which has earned us a spot in the Top 100 businesses for pest control. We do all we can to earn your business, including:

  • Fast, friendly, personal service during every visit
  • A 24-hour response time
  • Arriving on time
  • A range of options for every budget
  • Trained technicians who have passed the strictest background checks
  • Respect for your home and property
  • No complicated contracts to sign or fees for cancellation
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee: We will return to your home free of charge if you’re ever unhappy with our service

Count on Turner Pest Control to protect your Orlando home.

We’ve been serving Florida customers for more than 40 years, keeping their homes, lawns, and businesses pest-free. Our technicians are highly trained, and you can depend on them to arrive on time, clearly explain our pest control services, and respect your home and property.

Contact us at your convenience for a free quote. Orlando pest control pricing can vary with the square footage of your home:

Square Footage

  • 0-1,300
  • 1,301-2,300
  • 2,301-2,900
  • 2,901-3,500
  • 3,501-4,100
  • 4,100-4,700
  • 4,701-5,300
  • 5,301-5,900
  • 5,901-6,500
  • 6,501-7,100
  • > 7,100


  • $19.99
  • $27
  • $30
  • $34
  • $37
  • $42
  • $45
  • $49
  • $52
  • $55
  • Call

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